Boost your social ads' conversion rate

Generate more conversions and optimise every ad dollar spent. Link your social ads to a campaign specific Landing Stories and reduce your bounce rate.

Get a higher return on your Social ads' spend

Every ad click is a new chance to push for a sale, and every bounce is a lost opportunity to convert. Turn more chances into opportunities and more clicks into conversions. Use Landing Stories and watch your ad return go up.

  • Fast loading pages for a mobile audience

    Mobile visitors have an extremely short attention span: bring them faster to conversion through Landing Stories. Serve them a prompt landing experience with a near instant page load time.

  • Quick testing for quick improvement

    Tappable's drag and drop builder allows anyone to bring a Story to life, no coding is required at all! Create a Landing Story in no time and re-iterate as soon as you need to.

  • Result monitoring

    Track the visits, clicks, completion rates and conversion with Tappable's in-app micro level analytics. Understand how your audience is interacting with your content and update your Story accordingly at any point in time.

Your social traffic is mobile, but your landing pages aren't

Your social traffic is bound to bounce when greeted with a generic landing page optimized for desktop. Create a custom Landing Story personalized to your ad campaign. Hook your visitors to your content, and have them convert more.

Effortlessly create Stories that convert

Anyone can build, optimise and publish a Landing Story without the help of a developer! Use Tappable to create an engaging experience and convert on all mobile screens.

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  • Repurpose your content

    Select existing assets from your e-commerce or social media platforms, upload them into Tappable's workspace and create your Landing Stories fast and easy.

  • Cater for all screens

    Create a mobile-native experience that puts your product in the spotlight in all circumstances. Tappable's Landing Stories will make your content shine on every mobile device, no matter the screen size!

  • Make personalized templates

    Design your Story's layout to your liking with the Tappable CMS and save it as a template. Build your layouts once and reuse them as many times as you require throughout your campaigns.

Start maximizing your social ad conversions

Helping you shape the content your mobile audience deserves.

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