A digital dimension to your physical activities

Use Landing Stories and create a unique online experience with a simple QR code scan! Naturally immersive, it enhances your customers' experience and increases your conversions.

Bridging the offline and the online worlds is difficult

Your customers' journey doesn't end with their product purchase: They're still interacting with your brand when they unpack, use the product and potentially reach out to customer services. Give them something they can engage with throughout their journey: Offer them a uniquely immersive and mobile-driven experience and ease their access for relevant and inspiring information with Landing Stories!

  • Packaging is static

    No matter how beautiful your packaging is, it is, and will remain, static. Give it an extra dimension: link it to a dynamic Landing Story through a QR code and keep your customers engaged at all times!

  • Flexibility is costly

    The cost of product updates in terms of production is a real burden. Tappable's programmatic QR codes allow you to cost the extra cost: keep the same packaging you have and change your product information with every update.

  • Collecting feedback is difficult

    You don't know how your customers needs and behaviors evolve with time... Develop interactive experiences to link your users to your brand: create polls and quizzes to collect feedback and update your content to match your customer's needs and expectations on a regular basis.

Earn your customers' trust and watch them convert

Build a smooth and reliable shopping experience through a seamless purchasing process. Engage your physical customers by sending them to Landing Stories instead of a standard product page.

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  • Make your product pop!

    Use images, videos, and texts and make your product pop! Our drag and drop builder is designed to help you to create immersive Landing Stories that put your product in the spotlight.

  • Customize Stories and duplicate purchases

    Insert eye-catching buttons and swipe-ups to push for conversions. "Buy now", "Shop", "Other colours"... Add any Call-To-Action on any page and facilitate the recurring purchases.

  • Capture relevant customer data

    Add polls to your Landing Stories and generate valuable data from your audience. Keep feedback coming in straight from your customers and adjust your products or campaigns accordingly.

Offer the digital experience your clients deserve

Deliver customized offers and tailored promotions to each and every one of your customers. Give them the boutique experience through a mindful and qualitative digital service. Keep their feedback incoming and tailor your content to their very needs.

  • Extend the shopping experience pleasure

    Greet your customers with a carefully designed digital booklet or thank you note. Link your physical packaging to a Landing Story and take your customer's shopping experience beyond sales.

  • Make promotions stand out

    Put new products and promotions at the focal point of your Landing Stories. Upsell, cross-sell and push for conversions through a highly engaging format and your tailored content.

  • Increase the perceived value of your product

    Offer your customers meaningful and inspirational content when they scan your packaging. Make them feel special through a customized experience both on the physical and digital fronts.

Increase conversions. Adopt Landing Stories now.

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