Unique offline-to-online experience with QR codes

Take your visitors into a memorable online journey. Create an absolutely one of a kind post-scan experience through fast, easy and highly immersive Landing Stories.

Maximize your brand experience

Your physical experience is already optimal; why not extend into online? Streamline your offline-to-online transition with Landing Stories. Expand your brand's environment with the use of QR codes and offer a unique digital experience to your clients.

  • Immersive by nature

    Your customers will scan your QR code for contextual information or for a unique experience. Don't disappoint them, give them an experience that will deliver them both the form and the substance.

  • More opportunities to convert

    Build fast-loading post-click Landing Stories that will lengthen your customers' engagement. Keep them immersed in your world longer and increase your chance to convert.

Your offline-to-online experience is costing your business

Sending exclusively mobile visitors to a PDF or to a desktop website is sending off disappointed visitors to your competitors. Optimize your post-scan experience, use a mobile-native format.

Turn one-off purchases into recurring business

Make sure your customers' pre-purchase and post-shopping experiences are on point. Customize your shoppers' journey and turn your visitors into loyal customers. Build Landing Stories easily, quickly and without involving a developer!

  • Show off your product in the best light

    Make your product pop with Tappable's drag and drop builder. Use images and videos to create an immersive design and add texts to deliver information about your product.

  • Customize your Call-To-Action

    Add buttons and swipe-ups across your Story and personalize your CTA. Whether you want your visitors to buy a product or to follow your newsletter, push them in the direction you want using the right feature.

  • Capture important customer data

    Add a poll or a quiz to your Landing Story and collect relevant information from your visitors. Make them interact with your Story and generate valuable data to develop your product or campaign further.

Open an engaging digital world from your QR-codes

Helping you shape the content your mobile audience deserves.

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