Create Web Stories in 3 Simple Steps

Use Tappable to reach your audience in a highly engaging mobile-first format.


Don't waste time waiting around, work directly with your teammates
and co-build the same story together no matter where you are.

  • White creativity icon
    Free your creativity

    Start from a blank canvas. Imagine, design and build Stories that engage and convert.

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    Collaborate with your team

    Jump in your workspace with your editor, designer and copywriter to co-create simultaneously.

Tappable Web Story editor allows your to create websites that look like Instagram Stories

You want your content to be in line with your visual direction, right?
With Tappable, you can create your content exactly the way you want!

  • White pencil icon
    Tailor your story to your brand

    Upload your font, choose your colors and build your layout following your brand's guidelines.

  • White icon of a picture
    Make it visual

    Choose images from our built-in library of photos and GIFs or import your own visuals.

Tappable Web Story editor allows you to save brand colors and fonts


Hosting, SSL, SEO... It's all taken care of! Name and describe your story and we make sure SEO is set and optimized accordingly.

  • White URL icon
    Your brand, your domain

    Every story has its own URL hosted under your domain like

  • White graph icon
    Searchable and SEO optimized

    Your story is a web page that can be indexed and referenced on search engines.

  • White lightning bolt graph
    Lightning fast worldwide

    Your stories are distributed from 200 data centers around the world, making your stories load instantly for your global audience.

Composition of a cover page of a web story with a navigation bar

Your story remains on the web for as long as you want. It can be integrated on your website or linked to through different sources.

  • White image icon
    Linkable and shareable everywhere

    You can share your story on the web, embed it on your website or link to it through a QR code.

  • White web story icon
    Online until you decide otherwise

    24h Stories are a thing of the past. With Tappable, they can stay online as long as you want them to.

User interface picture of a chat screen including a visualisation of a Tappable web story


Our stories are made to be measured. Integrated analytics will help you track, analyze and understand how your audience is interacting with your content.

  • White graph icon
    Measure your Stories' traction

    Use analytics to track completion and conversion rates on your stories.

  • White calendar icon
    Get insights on your traffic

    Understand your visitors, when they're tapping through your stories and where they're coming from.

Tappable web stories editor allows you to measure your completion rate, your conversion rate in its analytics.

Gain valuable insights on how visitors are navigating through your Stories, where they're clicking and re-iterate to improve their experience.

  • White measuring icon
    Measure and re-iterate

    Track your visitors' behavior, understand your Stories' performance and re-iterate.

  • White pop-up icon

    No more cookie banners! Tappable's analytics are GDPR compliant and will spare your Story's page from any pop-ups.

Tappable Web Stories editor allows you to visualise your daily analytics.

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