Free While in Beta

Reach out wide and get up to 10.000 story views per month for free while we are in private beta. No credit card required. Later, you'll always have a plan that fits your business.

Always Free: Creating Web Stories

You'll only ever pay when you start publishing. And our core functionalities will always be available to all users, whatever the plan you choose.

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    Unlimited number of stories

    Share your message with the world. Create and publish as many stories as you want.

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    Unlimited number of workspaces

    Different brands require different presentations. Create a workspace for each of them.

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    Publish under your URL

    Your brand is important. Always publish under your own URL, even under the cheapest plans.

Custom Needs?

Do you expect more than 10.000 story views per month? Do you need information about integrations and APIs? Do you have any other questions?

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