Enhance your PPC ad performance

Stack all the odds in your favour. Create a uniquely attractive post-click experience and hook your visitors to your content: use fast, mobile-native and immersive Landing Stories.

Raise your quality score and conversion rate

Your Google Ads' cost varies depending on both your ad's relevance and the loading speed of your landing page. Bring your Cost Per Click down, improve your visitors' experience and enhance your ads' overall performance by using Landing Stories.

  • Naturally engaging

    Landing Stories will help you catch your visitors' attention thanks to their highly engaging nature. Increase your ad quality score, personalise your titles, create relevant content and watch your visitors convert with this format.

  • Enhanced ad placement

    Google penalizes slow pages and rewards fast ones. Thanks to AMP Technology, Tappable ensures a near instant loading time for Landing Stories, automatically improving your ad placement AND your engagement rates.

  • Optimised CPA

    Make your audience's experience memorable. Give them dynamic full bleed mobile campaigns and hook them onto your content. Bring your CPA down and your ROI up!

Your website is standing in your conversions' way

A huge GDPR banner is turning your visitors away every time they land on your webpage. Redirect your traffic straight from your ad to an engaging mobile-first experience and get the most out of every click.

Build Landing Stories for each persona

Tappable's builder is as intuitive as it gets. Anyone can build, optimise, scale and publish Landing Stories that engage and convert for all mobile screen sizes without having to loop in a developer.

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  • Work as a team

    Designer or not, any team member can create a Story with Tappable's builder. Invite multiple users to your workspace. Load assets, drag, drop, edit, preview and work together simultaneously.

  • Design effortlessly, test quickly

    Tappable puts the power to create new and converting experiences back into your hands. Outline what you want to put forward and design your Story accordingly. Evaluate reactions from your audience and re-iterate.

  • Scale in your very own way

    Create as many designs and layouts as you want. Save them as templates and re-use them to scale your PPC campaigns.

Start maximizing your social ad conversions

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