Turn your communication into an invitation to engage

Transform your passive emails and messages into an active traffic stream. Use an engaging format and create bespoke Landing Stories for all your outbound campaigns.

Build connections, trigger conversions

Relevance converts, and optimized experiences do too! Whether through emails or SMS, send the right message at the right time through a mobile format. Connect with your audience and watch your conversions go up!

  • One format for all channels

    Landing Stories are easy to link and share no matter the channel. Greet your customers with a seamless experience. Offer relevant and engaging content and increase your conversion opportunities across all channels.

  • Mobile-first, mobile always

    Emails, SMS and WhatsApp messages, are opened on a mobile device. Build your campaign with a fast and engaging format that your users can navigate through comfortably on their mobile.

  • Catch your visitors' attention

    You barely have seconds to capture your audience's attention and deliver them your content. Make every second count! Use Tappable's near instant loading Landing Stories.

Your prospects are mobile, but your communication isn't

Keep your prospects close and engaged. Start the dialogue with them straight on their phones! Give vertical content to your mobile-users and watch them get hooked, convert and come back for more!

Launch your campaign fast and easy

Use Tappable's builder to optimise your outbound communication. Keep your prospect engaged through a seamless experience and deliver your message fast and easy. No need for any coding. Anyone on your team can build a Landing Story!

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  • Ask for what you want

    You want your prospects to buy a product or to sign-up to a newsletter? Insert buttons or swipe-ups in your Landing Story. Deliver your message clearly and watch your users convert.

  • Create a two-way communication line

    Use Landing Stories to build a real connection with your users. Add features like polls and quizzes, create a uniquely interactive experience and collect valuable information from your audience.

  • Make your very own templates

    Scale your campaigns and create new ones faster. Design a layout that fits your brand identity and save it as a template. Use it and re-use it as many times as you please.

Start maximizing your social ad conversions

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