Get more traction on your Sponsored content

Package your client campaigns in a highly engaging mobile-first format. Hook your readers and generate more conversions for your advertising clients through Sponsored Stories.

Your revenue is getting affected by ad blockers

Your ads and sponsored content is being censored by ad blockers. Preserve your ads' revenue stream, put your Sponsored content into Stories! Embed them on your website and ensure your ads are being delivered to your readers.

  • Your ads are not as dynamic as you'd like them to be, but Tappable's Sponsored Stories can be ! They're eye-catching, interactive and will allow your readers to go through content smoothly and to convert quickly.

  • Limited in terms of design and format

    You can't seem to push your creativity far enough with the formats you have? Sponsored Stories give you more space and freedom to highlight client campaigns and make them more successful.

  • No room for experimentation

    Experimentation is difficult and takes time when it's not integrated in the process. Give yourself the freedom to test different campaigns before committing! Sponsored Stories are made to help you experiment and re-iterate as you go.

Build your own Sponsored Stories

Give your Sponsored content the shape your want and deliver it effortlessly through Stories. Create inspiring campaigns and and make a memorable digital experience for your readers. Earn their trust and push them to engage with your campaigns!

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  • No development requirements

    Tappable puts the power to create new and converting mobile experiences back into your very hands. A video here, some text there, a swipe up at the bottom and you're good to go!

  • Create your own templates

    Bring any creation to life with the Tappable CMS! Design your layout once, save it as a template and use and reuse it as many times as you require.

  • Measure to see what’s working (and drop what’s not)

    Integrated analytics will help you track, analyze and understand how your audience is interacting with your content. Follow results and adjust your Story accordingly at any point in time.

Improve your ads' visibility and increase your revenue

Don't let ad blockers stand in your revenue's way. Ensure your Sponsored content is always visible on your website. Give it a dynamic and interactive dimension and watch your readers convert, and come back!

  • Consolidate your ad placements

    Sell immersive and highly converting campaigns and let your clients be surprised by the results.

  • Share essential data with your clients

    Every Story is a vessel with valuable behavioral data. Analyse audience interactions with Stories, identify conversion patterns and communicate results with your client.

  • Keep your numerous workspaces neatly organized

    Create one workspace per client to manage each and every one's campaign separately and manage all your clients from once single account.

  • Control access to your clients' workspace

    Choose how you give access to different contributors into your client's workspace. Admin, author or viewer, the multiple user permission system is the best way to keep Work in Progress confidential.

Media companies love using Sponsored Stories

Create and publish high-converting Sponsored Stories in just a few clicks

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