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Dynamic features such as polls and quizzes are a highly effective way to personalize your marketing and maximize interaction with your audience through Web Stories. They help you generate feedback and input and open up an additional communication channel linked directly to your audience. Increase the attractivity of you platform, enhance your users engagement and grow your audience and revenue through dynamic content.


"Change is the only constant in life".

That's something Heraclitus has said about 2500 years ago already. And you know it's true if you've ever tried to undertake anything in life, be it professional or personal.

As much as it might sound unsettling, constant change doesn't have to hinder you from undertaking ambitious long-lasting projects. As a matter of fact, change should be an integral part of your process, plans and operations in every project you take on.

One way of embracing change is preparing for it: if you keep your eyes and ears open and your attention close to your clients' needs, the necessity to change won't take you by surprise.

As the mobile era has democratized proximity, features like polls and quizzes have transformed it even further, making it both an accessible and a valuable resource to tap into.

As 60 percent of millennials and 70 percent of Gen Z users look at and use Stories today, polls and quizzes will improve the attractivity of your platform and will connect you DIRECTLY to your audience.

The appeal of these features in Web Stories is quite obvious: the look and feel is familiar to users, they make participation easy and fun and they help you evaluate your audiences' knowledge/interest on a certain topic. But how can they help you yield commercially-desirable outcomes such as engagement and conversion ?

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Mobile first. Mobile always.

The overwhelming amount of products and information on the internet has made consumers intransigent with user-experience : what your website sells today is as much about the content/product it's selling as it is about the way it is presented. Web Stories are visual formats that not only facilitate your Storytelling and visual narrative, but they are also highly immersive due to their vertical nature.

Web users have loved Stories since day 1 and their love has grown steadily since then. Counting 1.7 billion daily users today, interactive Stories went further than plain engagement creating a two way street between you and your audience: You can create a quiz to inform your users about a specific aspect concerning your brand, but you can also create a poll and have your users tell you what it is that they already know, prefer or want. Simple, interactive Stories make it possible to reach out to your users anytime throughout their day and collect precious knowledge about their preferences.

With more and more people migrating from PC to mobile devices, you want to be able to have a platform that is attractive for your daily growing audience and that helps you build a solid feedback system. So, are you ready to take your Web Story game up a notch?

From Static to Dynamic

There's nothing worse than having a large audience but failing at keeping their attention. Or maybe there is: having plenty of visitors but failing to have them convert! In both cases, Web Stories can help you reach the results you're trying to achieve.

Improving your mobile users' experience will inevitably lead to a better brand impression on your users. So incorporating features such as polls and quizzes into your Web Stories will on one hand enhance your audience's engagement rates, and it will help you keep your audience insights' coming in on the other.

Adding Quizzes and Polls

In matters of engagement, creating interactive content through polls and quizzes will entice readers and push them to go through your Story till the end. When you release your first poll and quiz, keep in mind that you're testing a feature but that you're also retrieving data through it. Make sure to ask the right questions and most importantly, monitor your audience's reactions closely to finetune your strategy.

To help you do that, Tappable gives you access to certain figures when trying your first quiz or poll. Define your very own best practice by testing the features time after time and comparing recorded numbers like:

  • The number of users visiting the first page
  • The number of users engaging with the first question
  • The total number of visitors
  • Correct answers given by visitors
  • The completion rate of your quiz

In a recent case study conducted by a third party, an interactive Web Story containing a quiz helped refer 58,000 visitors to a specific Website. 30.894 of the visitors answered the 1st question from the quiz and 24.177 of them interacted up until the 5th question.

With 53% of visitors using the poll and about 80% of them remaining to complete the final question, the engagement rates are hardly negligible. Using polls and quizzes is an unmissable tool to retain your audience and potentially expand it further.

Interactive content helps you structure your content and create a rhythm. Start by catching your audience with a highly visual first page, engage them with a carefully crafted first question and keep them hooked smoothly along your Story with an engaging narrative. It's the winning combo when it comes to keeping your existing users all while generating new leads and fundamentally boosting your revenue.

Listen to your audience

Polls and quizzes allow your readers and viewers to express and voice their opinions. Unlike static content, interactive features will connect you directly with them, all in real time!

Facilitate their engagement through low-key polls or generate added awareness on your content through quizzes. Thanks to these interactive features, you can now monitor your visitors' actions and get clear insights on their preferences through just a few clicks.

Entertaining, effective, shareable, quizzes and polls enable you to personalize your marketing and maximize interaction all while generating input straight from your audience.

Interactive content for Web Stories are a highly effective way to reach out to and speak directly to visitors. It's a valuable source of feedback that opens the door to all kinds of input from your audience, helping you test and re-iterate as you grow.

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