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Use Web Stories.

Stories are the only mobile native format and they have finally made it to the Web! Use Web Stories to create visual and snackable content. This highly immersive format will keep your users engaged. Always.

Tappable Web Stories enhances engagement
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Built for Snackable Content

Web Stories are the perfect format for readers on the go. Stay close to your audience at all times throughout their day. Create bite-sized information catered to their Mobile screens. Deliver your content effortlessly through this highly engaging Web Stories' format.

Tappable we Stories is built for snackable content
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    Stories on the Web

    Increase reach and exposure by bringing Social Media's success story to the Web. Catch your audience's attention by re-creating immersive vertical experiences for mobile.

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    Amazing for SEO

    Web Stories are searchable websites. All content is findable and prioritized on Google Mobile searches.

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    Shareable & Linkable Everywhere

    Tappable allows your content to be shared and linked everywhere. Create Web Stories and share them on every major platform.

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    Embed Stories on your Platforms

    Enrich your Website or app with mobile optimized content. Embed Web Stories on all your platforms without writing a single line of code.

Regain Control over the Story Format

From content to distribution, have total control over the Web Stories you create. Keep them online for as long as you want. Customize the domain and host your Web Stories on your platforms. Control your distribution channels and create ancillary revenue from sponsored content and affiliate fees.

Regain control over the story format with Tappable

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