Liven up your website with embedded Stories

Put the spotlight where it needs to be. Embed Web Stories and give your mobile users a format that will get them hooked.

Maximize engagement on your website

A new social like experience will help you snatch your visitors' eye and increase their engagement. Improve your user experience on the vertical screen and increase your chances to convert using Embedded Stories.

  • Bypass any ad blockers

    Ad blockers don't have any power over Embedded Stories: they're an intrinsic component of your website. Use this format to highlight any product or service you want to put forward.

  • Test quickly and easily to learn what works

    Don't go into your website's code every time you need to modify your content. Create, iterate, and update your Embedded Stories in minutes.

  • Engage your audience with fast loading pages

    AMP technology makes near instant page load times on any platform. Give your visitors the chance to convert before they even think to bounce!

Your website is responsive but your mobile users are bouncing off

Your mobile users are used to getting fun engaging Social Media content delivered in a vertical format. Make your website as fun and engaging as Social Media is. Leveraging the power of Embedded Stories! Inject this format's immersive nature into your website and hook your users smoothly onto your content.

Engaging format for engaging content

Repurpose your content from your Social Media and create highly engaging Embedded Stories. Deliver information and context, attract mobile visitors and generate engagement through this mobile-first format.

  • Show off your product in its best light

    Our drag and drop builder allows you to create immersive design that put your content in the spotlight. Use images, videos, and texts and make your Stories pop!

  • Monitor your engagement and conversion

    Keep an eye on the visits, clicks, completion rates and conversions of your Stories with our in-app micro level analytics.

  • Scale your engagement with personal template

    Bring any design or layout to life with the Tappable CRM. Save it as a template and reuse it as many times as you require.

Start livening up your web pages

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