Turn passive browsers into active buyers

Landing Stories are the ultimate conversion catalyst for your mobile traffic. Whether you want to highlight your new collection or put forward a special offer, Landing Stories are the way to go.

Shorten the way from awareness to revenue

Although online stores are great for finalizing sale, they usually are too generic: they are optimized for desktop and often lack in context and inspiration... Give your mobile visitors the mobile experience they deserve. Multiply your traffic sources and increase your conversions!

  • Your product page is generic

    You're having trouble retaining visitors with a regular product page? Build an immersive environment, create emotions and enable more conversions. Add your brand assets, visuals, colours and customize your pages to your liking with Web Stories.

  • No room for experimentation

    You have little to no flexibility with your e-commerce? Give yourself more freedom to experiment through both form and content! Measure your Landing Story's performance through in-app analytics, adapt your creation with ease and re-iterate as you go.

Design, create trust, convert more

Creating Landing Stories is as easy as it gets, no code is needed! Use the content you have and create the design you want. Let your customers feel seen, included and engaged with interactive features. Earn their trust and watch them come back for more!

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  • Design as you see fit

    Use images, videos, and texts to put your product in the spotlight. Our drag and drop builder gives YOU the full freedom to create an immersive design that both engages and converts.

  • Customize your CTA

    Insert "buy now" swipe ups or buttons on any slide and hook your users directly with concrete CTAs. Create a user-friendly experience and have them convert in a matter of a few clicks.

  • Capture relevant customer data

    Add polls and quizzes to receive direct feedback from your customers. Analyze and finetune your experience accordingly and improve constantly your results.

Give your customers the landing experience they deserve

Showcase your products for as long as possible without being interrupted by GDPR banners. Bring your content closer to your users through a continuous and immersive browsing flow. Create tailored content for each campaign and stand out from competitors.

  • Enhance the customers' journey

    Greet your customers with a relevant and engaging format as soon as they engage with your ad. Create a seamless transition between your campaign and your product through Landing Stories.

  • Reduce bounce rate

    Landing Stories that load faster than any other landing page, thanks to AMP Technology. Use this format and keep your visitor's attention and improve their purchasing flow on mobile.

  • Make promotions stand out

    Upsell, cross-sell or put new products and promotions front and center. Tailor your content to your most recent product or promotion and keep your offers out there through Landing Stories.

Build as many Landing Stories as you want, now.

Helping you shape the content your mobile audience deserves.

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