Get more conversions for your client

Build Landing Stories that are mobile-native, incredibly engaging and highly converting! Leverage Tappable's new technology to blow your clients' mind and make them (and others) come back for more.

Your client's website is not mobile friendly

Sending mobile traffic to a generic landing page is like sending marketing e-mails through postal services: it's a recipe for high bounce rates. So why limit the results your agency can offer? Use cutting-edge technology and deliver the outstanding results your clients are expecting.

  • High bounce rate

    Stop sending traffic to websites with huge GDPR banners and handing free bounce passes to website visitors! Start using a mobile-native format where your mobile visitors feel at ease.

  • Dependencies for launching

    Stop losing time and money going back and forth endlessly before you launch your campaign. With Web Stories, you can develop campaigns in complete autonomy from your customers dev team.

Build trust and convert more

Make a memorable digital experience for your users: create inspiring campaigns and immersive content with Landing Stories. Build Tappable Stories without a single line of code and put them online with just a few clicks. Everyone in your team can do it!

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  • Launch fast and easy

    Create, test and iterate at breakneck speed. You don't even need to involve your dev team in the process.

  • Tailor Stories to your client's brand

    Upload brand and campaign assets at will. Your story will resonate your client's brand on every single page.

  • See what’s working (and drop what’s not)

    Integrated analytics will help you measure, analyze and understand how your audience is interacting with your content. Track results and adjust your Story in real-time.

Boost your services and revenue with Landing Stories

Attract new prospects and bring your clients closer to Gen-Zers and Millennials. Add Tappable to your digital marketing tools' arsenal and unlock the power of mobile. Use Landing Stories to their full potential and get remarkable results on your campaigns.

  • Access valuable data

    Follow users' behavior on every Story you create and give in-depth behavioral data feedback to your clients in real-time.

  • Manage different clients and workspaces

    Create a different workspace for every client and manage all your clients' workspaces and campaigns from one single account.

  • Set multiple user permission levels

    Keep every detail of your client's campaign secure with multi-user permission. Give access to workspaces by levels as admin, author or viewer.

Retain clients and earn new revenue with Tappable

Adding Landing Stories to your toolbox means providing your clients with more: more mobile optimisation, better brand experience, enhanced flow from social media ads and valuable user behavior data... So what are you waiting for?

Helping you shape the content your mobile audience deserves.

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