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With 35% CTR, Landing Stories are the best converting type of landing pages on mobile. Unleash your ads' full potential. Start designing with Tappable today.

Go from your mobile ads to immersive and converting Tappable Landing Stories
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Create immersive landing pages

Tappable CMS makes Story creation simple. No code. No integration cost. All you need to get started are your visual assets and your wits!

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    Design together

    Load your visuals, colours and graphic assets onto your Tappable workspace and design your Web Story spontaneously with your team members.

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    Put your content out there

    We take care of publishing your Stories to ensure every Story you create is findable on the Web and shareable on every platform.

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    Measure and collect user data

    Use Tappable's lead forms to collect first party data and leverage its integrated GDPR compliant analytics for insights to help you compare, improve and re-iterate your Stories.

Tappable CMS is the easiest way to create Landing Stories to increase your conversion

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Treat your ads to a Landing Story

Greet ad clickers with a proper landing experience. Get Tappable and start converting mobile visitors now!

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