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Web Stories⁠:
Websites That Look Like Instagram Stories

Check out these Web Stories made with Tappable.

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Cover image of a Tappable web story showing the Gestalt's theory


Catch and keep your audience's full attention. Web Stories' uniquely interactive format will help you deliver your content to your public. Til the end.

Captivate your audience →
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Get more sales and increase your revenue with Tappable. Web Stories' highly immersive experience will bring your brand closer to your audience. Use this mobile-first format and increase your conversions.

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No coding is required, all you need is your creativity! Get Tappable and start converting and engaging in 3 simple steps.

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    Create Stories fast and easy

    Build Web Stories page by page, use graphic elements of your choice and include your team in the process.

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    Publish your Stories on the web

    Web Stories are findable on the Web and shareable on every platform. We take care of publishing to ensure that your content is found on search engines.

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    Measure your Stories' performance

    Integrated GDPR compliant analytics will give you insights on every published Story so that you can compare, improve and iterate.

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